Boom! Your Sell

Whether I’m working with CEOs, artists, musicians actors or entrepreneurs, one of the things they tell me they hate doing the most is selling themselves.

Selling is DIRTY

We’re programmed that this is somehow dirty or sleazy; like it’s the part of our being that we only wheel out when we’re desperate or it’s absolutely necessary. It feels awkward to talk about what we’re about and why we’re the right fit for what’s on the table - we hide behind mock humble brags or red-faced self deprecation.

We squirm at the compliments, we shun our strengths, we don’t get what we want, we doom loop into why we’re not good enough.

It held me back

I’ve done it - hundreds of times. I hid behind excuses - they became habits and they held me back. 

That was, until I made a choice. The choice was to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash my thinking on communicating my value. And I found I harboured myths, old thinking that held me back. Stuff that was of no use at all.

And, as I’ve done this process with hundreds of other, they have found the same. Bullshit stories that aren’t true, processes that aren’t fit for purpose and old ways of thinking that need reframing.

Then I realised

Once they’ve Unblocked these, they get onto the very real opportunities that come when you Unlock new ways forward. You change up your game - you bring the Boom! And create a competitive edge.

Finally, they’ve Unleashed their new way into the world and gone on to succeed in ways they never thought possible.

All by following the simply Boom! Operating System.


Unblock, Unlock, Unleash.

Now's your time 

These toolkits will power up your ability to sell yourself in key situations: 

  • Powering up your CV
  • Owning the interview
  • Negotiating your contract
  • Gaining promotion

Bust the myths, reframe your thinking and switch it up. Take on a new mindset and make that impact happen.

Here’s to your impactful future.

Stay Boom!


I want these toolkits so I can bring the Boom!