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This is the primer that helps you create the future that you want to see rather than sitting and waiting for it to appear from the 'New N*rmal'. Don't sit and wait. It's time to Bring the Boom!

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We are in the business of impact.

I decided to create this Masterclass after hearing people talking about and waiting for the 'New Normal' - it's something that doesn't exist and the more we focus on it, the worse things will be. 

I say let the waiters wait. They'll still be there like Vladimir and Estragon, sitting and waiting for Godot never to appear in the final scene.

Ambitious people like you on the other hand will be building the future you want to see. And, I believe that people need time, space and tools to do their best work.

So, I'm providing you with new tools to help you fulfil your boundless ambition. I want you to create the future for you or your business that you want to see.

And I'm asking you not to pay with money rather with your attention and commitment. Because the more of us who create the new future, the better we'll all be.

Tune in, Stay Boom!

What you'll receive when you sign up...

Kick off

You'll receive my exclusive keynote from the Contagious Bootcamp in which I set out:

  1. How the world is in a continuous apocalypse.
  2. Why there is no 'New Normal' only the future you create.
  3. The 3 reasons why you must create or die.
  4. How to ‘Stop Waiting and Start Creating’ with a new Operating System.

Day 2
Ask with impact

You'll receive my 'Better answers need Better questions' framework in which you'll learn:

  1. Why questions are the most powerful way to shape the future.
  2. 3 different question types that will shift your thinking.
  3. Why questions create impact with the people who matter.
  4. Impactful case studies that show you the power of great questions.

Day 3 
Visualise with impact

You'll start to shape and visualise the future that you want to create through the 'Movie Poster' toolkit in which you will:

  1. Make sense of the questions that will really deliver impact for you.
  2. Visualise and create what success looks like for you.
  3. Break down the components of success for easy team and stakeholder buy in.
  4. Learn why ‘Intent’ and ‘Alignment’ are powerful but underused tools that create impact.

Day 4
Distill with impact

You'll start to distill all of your thinking to get you to the right going in point for maximum impact using the Challenge Canvas to:

  1. Bring together everything from Day 2 and distill your thinking.
  2. Bring together the key elements from Day 3 and distill them.
  3. Focus on your needs and define powerful reasons to deliver the challenges.
  4. Create the right going in point that will set you apart from other 'blue sky' thinkers.

Day 5
Reflect and prepare for the next level

You'll have a very clear view on the kind of challenges you can take forward to solve and create your impactful new future.

You'll have created and distilled some powerful thinking and be primed to take action to further Unblock, Unlock and Unleash it.

You'll have new tools in your armoury that will set you apart from others in the business.

At that point, you'll receive our Boom! Bonus which will help you go to the next level.


What people said about the Contagious keynote...


"OMG - you were bloody brilliant. I am writing notes like crazy as you speak at the Contagious bootcamp."

Keynote Attendee
Contagious Bootcamp

"Superb keynote. Energetic, visual, positive, instructive, inspirational. Couldn't ask for more."

Keynote Attendee
Contagious Bootcamp

There's £$€ of value in here

My clients pay thousands of pounds for me to run Masterclasses like this for them and their teams face to face or virtually.

Now, you can have the full benefit of over 25 years of experience, learning and hands on impact creation all here, in the space of 5 days and you only have to pay with your attention and commitment.

You've got to this page so I know you're ambitious.

Now, all you need to do is take the leap and truly start to create the future you want to see.

Remember, the value in here is immense but so is my belief in you.

So, Tune in, Stay Boom!

Stop Waiting, Start Creating.

Scott Morrison
Founder of the Boom! 


What our Clients say about the Boom!...


"I'd 100% recommend the Boom! when you need fresh perspectives on creative problem solving."

Global Managing Director

"I'd recommend the Boom! 100% in a heartbeat."

Creative Strategy Director
Channel 4

What will the future 'You' feel like?

You deserve to see your ambition come to fruition.

If you want to be seen as the 'go to' person in your business for fresh, future thinking then this is the Masterclass for you.

If you want to help the business climb out of the Lockdown funk then this is the Masterclass for you.

If you want to start shaping something worthwhile that you're passionate about delivering on and creating real impact for you AND the business then this is the Masterclass for you.


The future waits for no-one. The only one worth working for is the one you make.


So, Stop Waiting, Start Creating.


It's YOUR time.


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