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We spoke to, worked with and learned from over 100 of the world's most creative leaders. They're brilliant entrepreneurs, performers, change-makers, artists and revolutionaries. What resulted was the Amazon Best-Selling book, Creative Superpowers - the playbook for thriving in this powerful new era we call the Age of Creativity.

Now you can experience the playbook for yourself and, like my ambitious corporate clients, apply it to your business for massive creative impact.

This Masterclass will Unblock, Unlock and Unleash your Creative Superpowers


I thought I'd lost my creative edge


Ironic huh?

Even though I used to love creative writing at school, drawing, singing and writing music, by the time I'd spent a few years working in a business, I felt creatively spent.

In advertising, there are people called 'Creatives' (with a big 'C') who are the owners of the big ideas. The rock stars. They never wore suits.

And, when I worked my way up through business, I felt that I had fewer creative thoughts. Less breakthroughs when it came to problem-solving. In fact, at some stages, everyone else felt far more creative than I did and I struggled.

In fact, lacking the creative spark at work led me to feel like I lacked the creative spark in my life full stop.

Sound familiar?

A few years ago, I worked it out. 

Not only was I looking at creativity through the wrong lens, I was also filling my head full of myths and limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

The problem wasn't that I was any less creative.

The problem was that I'd forgotten how to tap into my visceral Creative Superpowers.

And, once I reconnected with everything inside, creativity flourished. It became simpler. Less overthought and far more free-flowing. And the impact was massive.

I decided to leave my corporate role as a CMO and Commercial Director and set up the Boom! I applied the techniques I'd learned to help other clients around the world open up their creativity and realised my life's dream of writing a book with 3 unbelievable creatives that changed my life.

The playbook we created is simple. So simple in fact that you'll wonder why it's never been thought of before. But like everything simple, it has taken years of experience, learnings and making mistakes to distill it into something that you can pick up, learn and create massive impact for yourself with.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to Bring the Boom! to your creativity and Unleash your Creative Superpowers.

What People Say...

"I was worried at first as I'm not a traditional 'creative'. How wrong I was. I use these skills every day." 

What People Say...

"This reminded me that you need time, space and tools in order to be creative. Simple and impactful!"


The biggest secret you need to know

I've created the simplest of tools that has helped thousands of people shift their mindset into the most impactful place for creativity. It's a tool that you can use to open your mind to new creative possibilities immediately and bring the Boom! in an instant.


How would a more creative 'You' feel?

Think about it.

Imagine if you were the go to person in your business for idea generation, problem solving and impactful solution generation.

You could take ownership of the challenges that no-one else dare to and, with a clear and actionable set of tools, come back with the kind of solutions that power up your career and impact within the organisation.

Or, you could simply bring more creativity to your life outside of work - your home life, your relationships and friendships. Become the person who always has the best thinking and ideas.

Sound like the new you?

Excellent. Because since working with this mindset, tools and techniques, I've found that leading a more creative life is a more fulfilling one. So too, people like you.

What People Say...

"I feel really inspired to explore that creativity that I hid for so long and see where it leads me. Thankyou for that." 

What People Say...

"In my role, I'm always looking to do things differently. Now, with these 4 skills I can really make my mark."


It's time to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash


You've probably tried 'being creative' before. Now's the time to think differently.

Because, our courses are built differently.

They are underpinned by our operating system Unblock, Unlock, Unleash.

We take you through the process like no-one else. It's a unique methodology that helps you cleanse your palette ready to take on the learning you need to.

Not only that: everything in it crafted from real experiences and what we know you'll need.

And, because, we use it all the time with some of the world's biggest brands it's proven to work. They use us time and time again to help them deliver impact. 

Now it's your turn to learn from the best


The heart of real problem solving creativity. Disregard 'symptoms' in favour of the true obstacles to solve.


The skills that creative leaders use to deliver impactful creativity and thinking in their lives and businesses.


Your new learned skills on your live creative challenges using our tools and canvases time and again.


I'm ready - SIGN ME UP

Let's go. Your road to a new, fulfilling and more impactful creative life is waiting.


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A brilliant accompaniment to the course, it's available in paperback, kindle or audible versions.