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You're the rising star
, looking to invent or step into your dream role and create legacy-making impact.

You're the entrepreneur, scaling up at pace and wanting to learn from the world's most ambitious leaders.

You're a new leader, keen to power up a shift in mindset and competencies that create next level impact.

Our Masterclasses are a blend of videos, toolkits and canvases with a focus on ACTION.

They're built from real life experiences leading brands and business at the edge.

They include world class, tried and tested-in-the-field tools and frameworks.

We have hundreds of success stories and will be adding more Masterclasses soon. 

Boom! My Creativity

We are in the Age of Creativity. IBM tell us that creativity is the #1 skill that CEOs are looking for in their leaders and it's the most desired skill when hiring according to Gallup.

Now's your chance to learn from the world's most creative leaders. Power up your creativity using their tools, techniques and playbooks to become the go-to person for ideas and creative thinking. It's time to Unleash Your Creative Superpowers.


Boom! My Leadership

21st Century Leadership needs to adapt for Business Unusual. Tired, old methods that aren’t fit for purpose still prevail. It’s time to step up and out into impactful leadership.

Welcome to Lead with Boom! - a set of principles and practices distilled from experience with some of the world’s great leaders that will transform how you think about modern leadership. Arm yourself with the blueprint for leadership impact.


Boom! My Mind

'What got you here won't get you there' is a common refrain in senior leadership. How do you keep moving up the ladder to your next role and beyond? Where's the time to think?

Boom! Your Mind is geared at helping you ask the right questions, stay connected to the true you, what you want to achieve and how to deliver it. Equip yourself with tools to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash what's in your head and Boom! Your Mind.


Boom! My Relationships

Relationships are essential in business and powerful, impactful relationships take time to create and nurture. Yet, often, we fail to do either or we try to please everyone in a need to be liked.

Boom! With People reframes these relationships and gives you tools and techniques that equip you to build the kind of impactful relationships you want to own with top stakeholders, peers and teams. Now's your time to Boom! With People.


Boom! My Presentations

Presenting is how we sell. Our ideas, our work, our selves. And yet, we underestimate its power over us. It scares us into imposter syndrome or emboldens us to think we can 'wing it'.

Boom! The Room kills off those binary flaws by distilling powerful techniques from 25 years of experience and learnings from some of the world's best. Regain your confidence, learn to connect in incredible ways and Boom! The Room.


Here's what people like you say about our Masterclasses


Boom! Your Creativity feedback

"Superpowers unleashed! This course is dynamic, impactful AND inspiring."

Lead With Boom! feedback

"This is incredible and so inspiring. I will go ahead and Lead with Boom! Thank you"

Boom! Your Value feedback

"This has revolutionised how I think about myself and my value back into my organisation. Boom!"

Boom! The Room feedback

"Amazing...this is a brilliant and powerful course and will help me create presentation impact."

Scott Morrison:
Founder and Bringer of the Boom! 

Having worked with, in or on the Board at the brands above, I’ve immersed myself in some of the world's most creative, challenging and demanding cultures.

With a unique combination of Agency, Client and startup experience I know what it takes to create fast, award-winning impactful change in each.

I’ve led turnarounds, rapid growth teams and global excellence hubs - all with the aim to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash the power within brilliant people. Now, I have distilled those leadership, creative and commercial techniques into the Boom!

And, for the first time ever, I am making my courses available online. All the time, effort and expertise that go into my corporate masterclasses is here for you to download.

My passion is to bring the Boom! to those who clamour for change, dream big and want to make real impact.

Life’s too short not to live Boom! 



Join the Boom! community

Thousands already have and are receiving their monthly insights, offers and downloads to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash impact.
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