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Having worked on the Board and with Board teams of some of the world's most demanding and impactful brands for over 25 years, I've experienced, observed and learned from some incredible leaders.

In doing so, I've led turnarounds, high growth teams and Global excellence hubs. I've grown every business I worked in and won awards along the way. 

This is hands on experience and from it comes a distilled belief with a set of principles and practices that deliver the impact you see in these businesses. It's why they remain cultural benchmarks and why people want to work with them.

Take ownership of a new set of tools that will transform you into the impactful leader you want to be and start to Lead with Boom!


Stepping into leadership scared me


It's a huge responsibility.

Making the mental leap from someone who 'manages' to someone who leads is one of the most daunting things we can face in our career.

We have ingrained visions of leadership which we mercilessly compare ourselves to - confident, suave, off-the-cuff thinkers who always know what to say and when to say it. People with all the answers, who look good at the front of the room and make it all appear seamless.

I worried whether or not I had the chops. What did it mean and what was expected of me? Was what I'd learned going to stand me in good stead? As I took those first steps into the room to meet my new team (some of whom were previously peers), I was scared.

Sound familiar?

I started to make real progress as a leader once I started to Unblock and debunk the myths I'd put into my own head. 

It was after a particularly moving experience and amazing leadership lesson I observed first hand from Nelson Mandela that I realised what it all meant. 

And it wasn't all white teeth, sharp suits and pithy answers.

Deep inside, I knew that Leadership was much more instinctive, connected and rooted in the human experience. One that we make choices in every day and particularly early on in our career. 

And I focussed on observing, learning from and practicing it myself from that point on.

It transformed my ability to lead, the impact I created and in turn the leaders that I went on to create. I'm proud to say that many of my former teams have gone onto lead incredible brands and at global level and do so brilliantly.

I now use these principles and practices with Board team all around the world, helping their teams to create fresh perspective on how they run their business, behave as leaders and create impactful legacies for their teams.

They are simple to learn but the real impact comes with continual, relentless and accountable use of them. 


Now you can access these Boardroom tools for yourself and gain an unfair advantage as a leader in your business. Become the leader you want to be and Lead with Boom! 

What People Say...

"I came into this thinking that I was a manager. Now I feel like I have the tools to become a Boom! leader" 

What People Say...

"Boom! This is the shot in the arm my leadership needed. I'm ready to go back and Lead with Boom!"


5 ways to Lead with Boom! through crisis

I interviewed over 50 Global Leaders during COVID19, some of whom were right at the heart of it. I asked them how they led their teams and themselves through the crisis. I've distilled this into 5 impactful tips that will help you adapt and flex your leadership style in times of crisis. 


How would a more impactful 'You' feel?

Think about it.

Imagine engaging your peers and team full of confidence in your ability to create impactful and meaningful action for your business.

Owning, living and sharing a proven, powerful and impactful set of principles and practices that create the kind of legacy you want to leave behind.

Having clarity and purpose on decisions to be made, puzzles to be solved, resources to be deployed and the trust of your stakeholders, clients and customers.

Sound like the new leader you want to become?

Excellent. Because since working with these principles and practices, hundreds of people have found their leadership lives more fulfilling, powerful and impactful. And, so can you.

What People Say...

"We have already felt the difference across the Board. We're clearer, more aligned and it just works" 

What People Say...

"This is incredible. We're implementing the Lead with Boom! principles right away"


It's time to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash


You've probably had 'leadership' courses before. Now's the time to think differently.

Because, our courses are built differently.

They are underpinned by our operating system Unblock, Unlock, Unleash.

We take you through the process like no-one else. It's a unique methodology that helps you cleanse your palette ready to take on the learning you need to.

Not only that: everything in it crafted from real experiences and what we know you'll need.

And, because, we use it all the time with some of the world's biggest brands it's proven to work. They use us time and time again to help them deliver leadership impact. 

Now it's your turn to learn from the best


Systematic challenges that you face as a leader that can, at worst limit your career and at best hold you back.


The Lead with Boom! principles and practices used by Board teams around the world to create impact.


Your new learned skills on your live leadership challenges using tools and canvases time and again.


I'm ready - SIGN ME UP

Let's go. Your road to a new, fulfilling and more impactful leadership life is waiting.