Learn to Boom! The Room...today

I've spent 25 years presenting at the highest level to boards, CEOs, crowds of experts, stakeholders and conferences.

No two presentations are ever the same. I've won multi-million pound pitches, sold award-winning campaigns, delivered visions, strategies and plan and facilitate masterclasses with board teams. Now, I share stages all over the world with the likes of John Hegarty, Keith Weed, Heather Mills and Malcolm Gladwell, constantly sharpening my skills in presenting with impact. 

I've learned from stand-up comedians, Army generals, politicians, actors, singers, TED-talkers, TV and radio presenters and business leaders - and distilled all of these learnings for you.

Now, you can experience what it's like to own the room; to speak with confidence, fearlessly, with gravitas and absolutely, without fail, Boom! The Room.


I used to HATE presenting


With a passion.

The thought of standing in front of large groups of people and sharing my ideas, thinking and work filled me with dread and fear.

And, I was surrounded by some of the industry's best presenters. People who made it look so easy it was painful. People who had the audience eating out of their hands from the moment they opened their mouths, who were able to seamlessly manage interruptions, questions and topics like masterful conductors of a willing orchestra. 

What if I was 'found out'? Who wants to listen to what I've got to say? What happens if I get something wrong or I can't answer a question? And even before that, how should I create a presentation in the first place? Every time I thought about it, I had sleepless nights and my confidence ebbed away.

Sound familiar?

My road to presentation impact started once I learned to Unblock the limiting beliefs I had put upon myself.

It became clear to me that what was happening wasn't much to do with the words that were being said. In fact, my real breakthroughs came the I recognised that true presentation impact comes from how you make people feel.

So, I spent time seeking out, working with and learning from speakers who really engaged their audiences. Who created impact from the start.

And I focussed on observing, practicing and honing those learnings on myself.

And, it happened. I started to own the stages on which I spoke. I learned to connect with the audience in ways that were so simple and yet so overlooked by 80% of the presenters I watched in real time. Simple structures, techniques and tools that I practiced time and time again. 

I use these with my corporate clients, helping them win over $1.5 BILLION of pitches, build outstanding teams and communicate across the organisation with true impact. And, now, I LOVE presenting. With a passion.

They are simple to learn but the real impact comes with continual, relentless and accountable use of them.

YOU can now access these powerful tools for yourself and gain an unfair advantage and own the stage in your business. Become the impactful presenter you want to be and Boom! The Room.

What People Say...

"I used to have imposter syndrome before EVERY presentation. Now I know that's my inner caveman and I shut him up" 

What People Say...

"Scott taught me there really isn't anything to fear but fear itself. Now, I use the fear as energy"


5 ways to Boom! The Room

I'm always learning from and sharing with other brilliant presenters from around the world. Here are 5 tips from those learnings that you can use immediately to become the impactful presenter you want to be and begin to Boom! The Room. 


How would a more impactful 'You' present?

Think about it.

Imagine engaging your peers and team full of confidence in your ability to create impactful and meaningful presentations across the business.

Creating presentations that really sell your ideas, concepts or work with clarity, power and impact.

Standing out from the usual 'crowd' of presenters who think it's all about winging it, busking or just doing the minimum yet continue to get the same, poor results.

Sound like the new presenter you want to become?

Excellent. Because since working with these tools, hundreds of people have found their ability to present more fulfilling, powerful and impactful. And, so can you.

What People Say...

"I thought I knew how to create presentations. Until I saw this structure and it changed everything" 

What People Say...

"I now speak with IMPACT. So many tips and learnings in this. It's changed so much for me. Thank you."


It's time to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash


You've probably had 'presentation' courses before. Now's the time to think differently.

Because, our courses are built differently.

They are underpinned by our operating system Unblock, Unlock, Unleash.

We take you through the process like no-one else. It's a unique methodology that helps you cleanse your palette ready to take on the learning you need to.

Not only that: everything in it crafted from real experiences and what we know you'll need.

And, because, we use it all the time with some of the world's biggest brands it's proven to work. They use us time and time again to help them deliver presentation impact. 

Now it's your turn to learn from the best


Limiting beliefs that make you fear presentations including imposter syndrome and confidence.


A powerful new structuring tool, the IMPACT model and tips from the forefront of presenting.


Your new learned skills on your live presentation challenges using tools and canvases time and again.


I'm ready - SIGN ME UP

Let's go. Your road to a new, powerful and more impactful presentations is waiting.