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Having experienced building impactful teams in some of the world's most demanding business cultures over the last 25 years, I know how critical it is to create powerful relationships with key stakeholders and peers.

Without having strong bonds and connections within organisations across all layers, levels and markets, the things you need to deliver will fail. Without allies, you won't win. And without backers at the top, you'll never reach your full potential.

I've worked with coaches, CEOs, board teams and professors to understand what they look for and advise their people to do to make these connections - and distilled all of these learnings for you.

What we found feels counter-intuitive to a lot of leaders when it comes to creating impactful relationships. So, take the competitive advantage, work with these insights and tools and create the kind of impactful relationships you want to see for yourself that makes you really Boom! With People.



I didn't feel worthy of my first Board role


I thought that I was way out of my depth.

It's a huge responsibility and there I was sitting around the table with people a lot older than me, more experienced and who had proven their chops at this level.

People who were highly confident of their position and skills. Who were clear about what they brought to the table (or so I thought) and spoke with gravitas, clarity and sense. Who all seemed to have skills I lacked, were all powerfully connected (or so I thought), had gelled and were clear on the expectations of each other.

I worried about how to connect more deeply with the group. How could I communicate what I brought to the table? Did they know or care what I was able to do? How could I influence more impactfully? What could I leverage that would really help me stand out as a deliverer and impactful Board member?

Sound familiar?

I started to make real progress once I started to Unblock and debunk the myths I'd told and retold to myself over the years.

I was always told that I had a strong network of people and was great at building and galvanising relationships across teams and businesses. 

I realised that, there wasn't any rocket science to building these relationships. When I broke it down, I distilled it all into a series of simple models that I then, systematically, used in every Board position I've held since then.

And it's not about being liked, or pleasing people. It's about bringing to the fore the visceral human connections and skills that we innately have but often get shrouded by fear, lack of confidence or the unreal stories we tell ourselves.

You see, once I'd worked in my first Board for a while, I realised everything wasn't what it seemed. People weren't as clear as I thought they were. Neither were they as aligned. And that presented an opportunity.

I focussed on self-awareness, deeper learning and practice of the visceral skills I had plenty of and bringing those into the Boardroom.

It transformed my ability to create meaningful and impactful relationships with peers and stakeholders in the businesses I led as well as those I work with now. 

I use these insights with Board teams and C-Suite execs to help them firstly reconnect to themselves and then to their roles and finally to the value they want to bring to the business.

The techniques and tools are simple to learn but the real impact comes with continual, relentless and accountable use of them. 

Now you can access these Boardroom tools for yourself and start to create the stakeholder and peer relationships based on value you want to see. Become the leader you want to be and Boom! With People. 

What People Say...

"This is so powerful. I've learned to reconnect with myself and my value which I've never done before" 

What People Say...

"So much of what Scott says is common sense. It's so simple I kick myself I haven't done it before"


5 ways to Boom! With People

Why have awkward moments or stilted conversations when you can jump straight into meaningful and impactful conversations and relationships. 

Here are some tips you can use immediately to begin to be the leader you want to be and
Boom! With People.


How would a more impactful 'You' feel?

Think about it.

Imagine having stakeholder relationships based on mutual trust, value and expectations - no more feeling intimidated or undervalued by your boss.

Working with proven tools, techniques and skills that will help you connect deeply in all of your business relationships at all levels

Having clarity on what success looks like for you in your career and mapping the relationships, expectations and deliverables to help you achieve that impact.

Sound like the new leader you want to become?

Excellent. Because since working with these tools and techniques, hundreds of people like you have found their leadership lives more fulfilling, powerful and impactful. And, so can you.

What People Say...

"It's so true - we often start with what people want from us rather than what we want to bring to them" 

What People Say...

"I found the concept of the Value Exchange life-changing. I now tell my boss what I 'should' do NOT 'could' do."


It's time to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash


You've probably had 'leadership' courses before. Now's the time to think differently.

Because, our courses are built differently.

They are underpinned by our operating system Unblock, Unlock, Unleash.

We take you through the process like no-one else. It's a unique methodology that helps you cleanse your palette ready to take on the learning you need to.

Not only that: everything in it crafted from real experiences and what we know you'll need.

And, because, we use it all the time with some of the world's biggest brands it's proven to work. They use us time and time again to help them deliver leadership impact. 

Now it's your turn to learn from the best


Old thinking and behaviours we have about our 'value' and stakeholder relationships.


The Boom! State, Value Exchange and LOVE models that will reframe your thinking on relationships.


Your new learned skills on your live relationship challenges using tools and canvases time and again.


I'm ready - SIGN ME UP

Let's go. Your road to new, fulfilling and more impactful relationships is waiting.